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Sufjan Stevens back with his most personal entry yet, Carrie and Lowell

I've been spinning Carrie and Lowell for a few weeks now. It's an album full of sadness, largely concerned with his childhood and the death of his mother who died fairly suddenly of cancer in 2012. It's a heavy album to listen to if you're not in a good place existentially. I'd recommend taking it in small bites at first. The song that will probably affect you most is "Fourth of July", which is one of the finest songs Stevens has ever written in my opinion. The album as a whole is the most relatable he's ever produced, with such raw subject matter, it's hard not to feel the pain, confusion and doubt expressed in these songs.

Stevens went through a period of experimentation over the last few years (more experimentation than usual), and it seems he's come out the other side and returned to a very basic devotion to songwriting. I really hope we see a few more albums from this time, before he goes searching in the wild again for a different sound.

You can stream "Fourth of July" here. You'll see by the comments section that many people have been affected by this song