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Why a small remote team is okay for your project. It may even be better than the alternative.

When I've worked in offices, communication often isn't great. There's lots of it but generally a lot of things get forgotten or lost in the daily bustle of an office environment. People are coming and going, meetings are being had but without the right people involved, and people are discussing their personal lives because it's so easy when they're in the same room together.

Having worked remotely for over 3 years, I've learned that communication is the most important thing in business, especially in the world of application and website development. It's really not a difficult thing to implement either, but it always seems to be the last thing people consider important when they're on a deadline.

If you're looking for a massive agency or development house to take on your project, know this: We've dealt with a lot of large agencies that aren't even aware of the established project management and communication tools available. These guys still operate on email of all things, and believe me, projects do not go well when that's your primary management software. Items get lost in the trail, tasks conflict, and eventually you get handed a codebase that is unmaintainable and will ultimately need to be rebuilt from scratch.

Consider a tiny remote team for your needs, you may be surprised at the quality of communication and effort that is put in. Small teams work well together and are focused on producing great work because it's their livelihood. If the team is remote, even better. It means they've nailed communication and project management, and they can build your product efficiently.

Interested in what my company has to offer? Check us out at http://lab19digital.com. We're a small remote team based in the United Kingdom and South Africa, and we take pride in how we run and build projects.