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Great song of the week - Song for Zula

The film The Spectacular Now (which is a spectacular film by the way), ends off with a song by Phosphorescent called "Song for Zula."

Every now and then this happens to me: A song overstays its welcome, and I just can't forget about it until I've played it about a hundred times. So maybe it'll have the same infectious effect on you. It's a real gem, and the thing that bothers me is, it apparently came to him (Matthew Houck), in a very short time while sitting on some beach in Mexico. I remember when songs used to "visit" me like that, as though I was just channelling them from some trove in the great beyond. Oh, how I miss those days.

Phosphorescent "Song for Zula" - YouTube

P.S. Also listen to the ACBs "All Over". That's another one of those tunes that never leaves you.