Hey, I'm Luke Siedle maker of things technical and creative. I'm a full stack developer by day. Musician and writer by night.

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Why a small remote team is okay for your project. It may even be better than the alternative.

18th September 2015 / Project management, Communication

It may be better than you think for a small remote team to tackle your project. Here's why.

Beautiful royalty free images from Unsplash

21st August 2015 / Photography, Stock photos

This site is a treasure trove of beautiful free imagery

Using the right tools for the job

20th August 2015 / Tech

There's a tendency to use all the available tools at our disposal, when some times it's best to keep things simple

A faster deployment workflow with git and your dev server

16th August 2015 / Tech, Git, Deployment

Git offers more than just source control. It's a way to automate your deployment so your team can focus on work.

Sufjan Stevens back with his most personal entry yet, Carrie and Lowell

5th August 2015 / Music

The incredibly gifted songwriter delivers once again

Great song of the week - Song for Zula

6th March 2015 / Music

Song for Zula is a beautiful song about the perils of loving someone or something. Also featured on the excellent film, The Spectacular Now

What is Parse.com, and what are the pros and cons of this service?

11th February 2015 / Tech, Parse.com

Parse is an amazing service for developers to get the business logic of their app up in the cloud in no time. It's also got a very generous free tier, but does it have everything we need to build apps?

Wordpress and the rise of static site generators

26th August 2014 / Tech, Wordpress, Static

Some times, Wordpress isn't up to the task.

Why write music

24th August 2014 / Music

Why we stop writing, and why we need to start again

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